Craftsmanship, science and technology

Philip Yeung, Gordon Burt and Kunal Pandya are skilled in the art and science of dentistry. Combined with current technology, they provide patients with the most appropriate and individual treatment.
Dr Philip A Yeung
Dr Philip A Yeung graduated from Melbourne University Dental School in 1988 and practised general dentistry in Melbourne. After completing prosthodontic training at the University of Iowa (USA), he joined Prosthodontic Associates in 1999
Dr Gordon S O Burt
Dr Gordon S O Burt completed his prosthodontic training at the University of Minnesota. Has been a practising prosthodontist in Melbourne since 1997. He joined our practice in 2010. He is a visiting consultant to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and teaches on the postgraduate prosthodontics programme at Melbourne Dental School.
Dr Kunal Pandya
Dr Kunal Pandya completed his undergraduate training in Queensland in 2002 and undertook his specialist training in Melbourne. He has been part of the team at Prosthodontic Associates since 2010